The Mong Circle continues to provide leadership and management to Headmen and Karbari in the delivery of a wide range of legal, social, cultural and community based functions.  The current focus is on engaging local communities in the active management of natural resources, through the offices of traditional government.  This is a historic function for Headmen and Karbari, and the pressures of climate change and development make the management of forest and water resources a pressing and urgent priority.

A range of projects are now being implemented in 10 Mouzas, with a view to developing good practise and disseminating lessons learnt across the Khagrachari District.   With the support of the UNDP and the Government of Bangladesh the Mong Circle will develop the capacity of traditional officials in the areas of leadership and management, the preservation and effective management of village and common forests, and natural resource management.   A range of projects are now in progress to conclude in December 2015 and include;

  • Developing quality training modules and materials, on the sustainable management of village and common forests and other natural resources
  •  Strengthening effective coordination between all stakeholders in the management of village and common forests, and water sources to ensure sustainable and effective management of these vital and finite natural resources.
  • Extending the support to forest based communities and practitioners and to traditional leaders to create a strong and sustainable system of community based forest management.
  • Raising awareness of  the many local, regional and national level stakeholders on the role of forests and natural resources to communities wellbeing and livelihoods.
  • Analysing existing local and national policies and limitations and lobbying and encouraging the development of  community based policies for the effective management of  natural resources

Three full time staff have been engaged to work with traditional leaders in the field on the implementation of these projects.